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FDJA's Nationwide Network of DJs is dedicated to bringing party planners and DJs together. Our wedding, party and event planning visitors use this website and free referral service to find disc jockeys. Since 2002, FDJA has been helping party planners find DJs. Connecting DJs and Party Planners is this site's focus. We are currently seeking dependable, reliable, experienced DJs and Karaoke KJs to add to our network of DJ services.


FDJA Provides...

Internet Marketing for DJs & Disc Jockeys!

The DJs in this directory, and who we send client leads to, are all members in good standing of the FDJA Nationwide Network of DJs. Please Join FDJA and help us, help party planners find entertainment.

Thank you, FDJA! Not only has membership with your company given me a top spot on Google, which is where the majority of people do their searches today, but it's already brought me work! I've only been a member for a few months and seen a great return. What other sites can say all that? While there are no guarantees with traditional print advertising, FDJA delivers--real people seriously looking for good DJ's! I'll be a member for life! Angel at Angel Foster Productions www.angelfoster.com

Why Wouldn't You Join FDJA Right Now?
This is more than just another place to list your DJ service. FDJA is here to help party planners find DJs. Unlike so many wedding directories and dj directories that seem to only want your money, returning little if any benefit, this is America's Most Affordable, Yet Effective Online Advertising for Disc Jockeys, because the focus is helping the party planning visitor... Not catering to DJs. You won't find all sorts of DJ stuff at this site, because it's not intended to impress DJs, it's intended to be a useful resource for party planners.

One Whole Year of Exposure For Less!
This site's purpose is to help party planners find DJs. For less than a handful of new CDs, you can have a full years worth of exposure to wedding and party planning clients looking for services like yours. Receive Emailed Leads and have Potentially High Relevance Search Listings which direct website visitors to Directly To YOUR DJ Listing from Google, Yahoo and MSN Live Search + 100's of Other Search Engines! Improve Your Own Website's Page Rank with a High Quality Link From FreeDJAmerica.com to Your Site.

A Website With Personal Customer Service.
Unlike some directories and websites which are simply monitored from time to time and "run themselves", FreeDJAmerica.com is one of the only remaining DJ Directories which is maintained by a full-time staff - dedicated to getting you business and being available for questions; your requests will be handled on a personal level in a timely fashion. Try Contacting Us Now

A Website With Thousands Of Unique Visitors!
Currently Our Logs Indicate Approximately 15,000 Visitors Come To This Site Weekly! Take a look at our past traffic patterns and you'll see this site continues to earn more traffic each year!

This site is Indexed at over 30,000 Search Engines!
The Majority of traffic comes from: Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Network, AOL Search, Windows Live, Ask.com, Dogpile, Netscape Search, Starware Search, Earthlink Search, My Web Search, Webcrawler, Metacrawler, Alta Vista, Alexa, Bell South Search, All the Web, PeoplePC Search, Excite, Infoseek, Comcast.net Search, SweetIM, Adelphia.net, My Way, Cincinnati Bell, Mamma, ninemsn Search, My Search, CompuServe, Clusty, iMesh, AvantFind, Information.com, Sify Search, Need2Find, AT&T Worldnet Service, Terra, Naver, Ixquick, Voila, Zoek NL, Lycos

Does FreeDJAmerica.com Offer Free DJ Listings?
Yes! However, it is recommended that if you're serious enough about your disc jockey business to seek out a DJ Directory where you can place a free listing, that you owe it to yourself to invest in your business. The fact is that free listings are an excellent supplement to your Internet Marketing, but by no means should it be your only source of advertising online. Therefore, freedjamerica.com offers extremely low cost paid advertising for disc jockeys which is effective. Paid members will be provided with information for placing a free ad, in addition to a paid listing.

If You're Serious About Your DJ Business...
You owe it to yourself to invest in your business. Therefore, freedjamerica.com offers extremely low cost paid advertising for disc jockeys which is effective and affordable. FreeDJAmerica wants to represent only those DJ Services which are actually in the business of providing mobile entertainment and actively seeking new clients and bookings. You don't have to be the World's Greatest DJ, or the most expensive, or the most distinguished. You don't need any special training or affiliations. We just want truthful, honest, hard-working, dependable and reliable DJs who have a passion for what they do and will help our party planning visitors, by providing professional and courteous service, before, during and after the event.

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